The days of walking up to a dive school with your long hair and beach clothes  are still around if you can pull it off, but in general, things have changed.

Much to the disbelief of many corporate guys, being a divemaster or diving instructor requires most of the skills they need to make it in the city. Giving presentations, selling, dealing with difficult customers, handling complaints, thinking out of the box, leading people, organizing, advertising, making a profit, long hours, 7 days a week, risk taking, stress management…

We have a different city to work in! One of beauty and perfection in the most evolutionary sense. All the negotiating and innovation in the world could not come up with a better environment to work in- the only imperfection actually is what we as humans decide is important for us.  Shark fining, holiday souvenirs, etc, etc,…… I want, I want, I want,…..

Mother Nature gives and she always will- The shock always happens when she takes- and she always will. As diving instructors- we are ambassadors of the underwater world  and we have been the lucky ones to see with our own eyes and feel with our own souls,  the beauty and amazing perfection of life.

We are a guest when we dive. Something that should be remembered. Our host is very hospitable- but there are laws of nature  that we cannot and never will  be able to change. The selfish and egotistical nature of the human leads us to take- to fill a gap, which in some minds, needs to be filled. The price is high but the cost to nature is even higher.

Education is a very powerful tool. A tool which can be used to build and carve an optimistic future. We as diving professionals can educate and influence  the world to see and absorb its beauty; learn not to take all the time -but to also give and let nature be.



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