Private Yachts

Working as a diving instructor on a private yacht is seen to be the crème de la crème of  diving jobs. They are not the easiest to find and land but they are out there.

You can expect to earn around $2000-$3000 dollars a month and travel to a lot of exotic and exciting places all over the world in luxury accommodation and eating top notch food.

One draw back is you will not be diving everyday, and so while you are not diving, your duties are more likely to include helping on the deck, stewarding and serving the guests on board.

For this kind of dive job, it is essential to be very presentable with a high level of social etiquette. Apart from your diving qualifications, once again, language skills, especially English-are a necessity. Previous sailing experience is a great advantage.

Working on a private yacht can be fantastic and take you all over the globe. You will meet some very interesting people, who in turn may open many doors for you in the future.  If you are content with doing a few dives a week dealing with the rich and famous- give it a try!