Language Buddy

Get the Dream Diving Jobs by Learning a Language!

In the competitive diving industry of today, being the most skilled and qualified is what will give you the edge in getting that dream diving job.

As a dive instructor you need every advantage you can get to keep yourself competitive in the marketplace. Learning a language is one of the best ways to get ahead in the diving jobs market.

People come to dive destinations from all corners of the globe and so it`s only logical that if you can give diving lessons in the native language of your students – you will be a dive instructor in demand.

Dive resorts, cruise ships, private yachts all require multiple languages to cater for their customers so dive instructors and divemasters who can speak those languages are in high demand.


  • increase your diving career opportunities-


Look at all the dive job postings-  most of them -if not all express that language skills are a requirement!

That leaves a few questions which we will answer:

Combined with all your diving experience and skills, languages are the number one thing that will put you above the rest of the dive job market.

I have put together a lot of resources to help you decide which languages you need and how to go about learning them. Here a few for starters:

Learn English

Learn Spanish

Learn German

Learn Italian

Learn French

Learn Chinese

Learn Japanese