Learn German

Why should dive instructors learn German?

After living and working in Germany for the last six years, I can tell you first hand they are a big diving nation who play as hard as they work. With an average of 6 weeks holiday a year, and a high disposable income, they can be found traveling and diving all over the world. Germans are known to spend more on overseas vacations than any other nation. Any dive center, instructor or resort who can communicate in their own language will win their business.

In my experience working in places like the Red Sea, Mexico and Thailand- Speaking German played a huge role in getting various dive jobs. Over a million Germans visit the US a year with the most popular destinations being Florida and California.

So, it goes without saying, dive instructors and divemasters who can speak German or are learning German, have a huge advantage in the diving job market. Learning German can put you ahead in the hunt for your Dream Dive Job.

Improve your chances of getting a

dive job by learning German

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If you want to work in places like the Red Sea, Thailand or Mexico- German is a must!

There are a lot of books and courses out there to choose from.  Rocket Languages offer some great courses which are user friendly and really effective for getting the basics before going to the dive destination or even while you are there.  They will definitely help get your fin in the door!