Why learn a Language?

10 Top reasons for dive instructors to learn languages

Any dive operation involved in SCUBA diving before hiring you wants to know what you can bring to the table. How are you going to improve and add value to the business. Here are 10 solid reasons why learning a language will greatly benefit you, your students and the dive operation:

  • Learn a language and beat the competition

There are thousands of great dive instructors out there with plenty of diving qualifications. Having the right language skills can put you above a lot of them.

  • Speaking more languages can increase sales

The more people you can communicate with, the more you can sell to. Customers trust you more when you can speak their language, making it that little bit easier to influence the sale of a course, trip or some dive gear. That’s more money for you and your boss!

  • Speak more languages and teach more courses

The more courses you can teach the more money you will make. Your boss will be happy because the school can cater for a broader range of customers.

  • Put customers at ease

Communicating with customers and students in their own language, puts them at ease, makes them more comfortable with you- It is clearly a great asset.

  • Languages can save your boss money

Staff costs are always a concern for any dive operation. The more languages you can speak the less your boss has to pay for more instructors- making you an asset.

  • Effectively communicate in emergencies

In the case of an emergency, your ability to communicate with all people involved can help you manage the situation more effectively, increase your responsibility which in turn, secures your position more.

  • Cultural awareness

Languages can be a huge barrier for getting the feel of a country, the people and it`s culture. Being able to immerse yourself into the culture can open many doors and enhance your experiences in each place you work.

  • Visas and immigration

Dealing with immigration and getting visas can sometimes be tricky and confusing. Talking to the officials in their mother tongue can often help move things along and clear any problems quickly.

  • Speaking with locals

You will gain a lot more respect from the locals when you can have a conversation with them in their language. Gaining the respect and trust of the local staff, for example the boat captain, can make your life a lot easier.

  • You can learn languages anywhere

It is one of the few skills you can learn on your own, anywhere and affordably.

  • Learning a languages is an Investment in yourself

Languages skills are important in any industry and can greatly broaden your career prospects. The time and effort you put in to learning a language now will pay off for the rest of your life!

I think you are getting the point now!!

Adding to your skills repertoire will increase your value as an instructor and an employee- Languages are a MUST. More opportunities will open out for you and your ability to interact with more people will allow you to leverage your abilities to the benefit of your employer, your students and customers, but most of all- YOURSELF!