Divemaster Job

Become a Divemaster

Looking for a way out of your boring, stressful 9-5 job? Here is your chance and paradise is part of the package!

divemaster1Becoming a PADI Divemaster opens the doors to the world of a professional diving career. This is the first professional internationally recognised certificate on the PADI training ladder which is also your ticket to travelling the world and earning money at the same time.

Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you will grow your dive knowledge, develop your leadership abilities and fine tune your skills to the professional level. Once qualified as a dive master you will be eligible to assist instructors with student training, conduct open ocean dive tours for certified divers and assist with the day to day operation of a functional dive shop.

As a Divemaster, Divers are your clients and your bread and butter. A key to being successful is to go the extra mile with your clients and give them a great experience above and below the water. This involves being sociable and building a relationship with them, entertaining them during surface intervals and being as knowledgeable as possible about the dive sites and marine life.

The Role of a Divemaster

The role of a Divemaster can be varied, but will predominantly encompass the following roles:

  • dm1Organize, conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, both land and boat based.
  • Assist Instructors in conducting Diver programs by escorting divers on the surface to/from descent point, working with students who are having difficulty with a skill, and conducting certain non-scuba skills.
  • Act as certified instructional assistant to PADI Instructors.
  • Supervise participants in PADI experience programs for uncertified divers.
  • Teach and certify Skin Divers and Snorkelers
  • Conduct the Scuba Review programs for certified divers.
  • lead guided dives, including providing a site briefing and recommended dive plan.
  • help you to meet your dive objectives such as locating wrecks, locating interesting photography subjects, or recovery of a lost item.
  • assist with setting up dive gear and/or changing tanks between dives.
  • assist with setting up weight belts for the divers.
  • handle logistics, such as loading and unloading tanks on the dive boat.
  • assist with minor equipment problems such as broken fin straps or leaking o-ring replacement.
  • provide appropriate response to an emergency.
  • be well informed about local diving conditions, sites and equipment.

Divemasters can travel and work in holiday destinations all around the world. As a DM you may work in diving resorts, private yachts, cruise ships, live aboards and dive centres; anywhere where there is a demand for diving.

Keep on learning !

instructor1As we know, the diving job market is highly competitive and so it is vital that you continue to learn more and move up the ladder with your diving qualifications. The sooner you become an instructor- the better your chances for getting a diving job.


  • Being able to speak more than one language will take you a long way in this role and could put you above many others when being considered for a position.

It allows you to speak to a lot more people in their native language which aids in building trust and relationships, solving problems and improving the overall service. Small talk is essential in this job and the better your clients experience, the more tips you are likely to get.

Stick to the strategy:

  • Get more Diving Qualifications and Specialties

  • Improve on your other skills

  • Market yourself effectively


  • 18 years old

  • A Rescue Diver

  • Have a current PADI EFR of First Aid/CPR card

  • Have at least 20 dives to begin the course and 60 for certification

  • Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement (PDF) signed by a physician within the last 12 months.

PADI Divemaster is the prerequisite certification for both the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications.

What does a Divemaster job pay?

money_bagIt is no question, being a Divemaster is one of the best jobs in the world for many reasons but I would like to give you a realistic answer to the money question. If you are in it for the money then you may be very disappointed. Many DM positions pay very low and you are expected to make your money through tips. The hours can be long and tiring but all of this is made up for by all the amazing things you see, people you meet and memories that will never leave you.

Treat the DM role as a way of enjoying paradise in the short term, and a means of gaining valuable experience and contacts to help you reach the higher paid positions if you intend on a career in the diving industry.

As I mentioned before, if you really want a career in the diving industry, your aim should be to move up the ranks and get your instructor cert as quick as possible.  Don`t forget those languages