Diving Certification Agencies

SCUBA Certification Agencies

If you have never dived before, it is important to know that there are a number of SCUBA certification agencies around the globe whose primary functions are:

  • providing all levels of diver training
  • regulating and representing diving professionals such as dive masters and dive instructors
  • regulating dive operators
  • participating in research in dive medicine
  • promoting marine conservation e.g. PADI project AWARE
  • marketing diving as a sport.

Which agency should I qualify with?

If you are an experienced diver you will no doubt be aware that several of these agencies such as PADI, SSI, NAUI, BSAC and CMAS are more recognised around the globe than others.

Before taking the first steps to going pro you should to consider which certification agency will provide you with the most employment opportunities. Spend some thought on the size of the agency and where they operate.

My recommendation is to go with PADI



I would strongly recommend PADI for the simple fact that they are by far the largest of all the agencies and account for over 70% of the diving education market. Along with that, PADI has dive schools and offices in practically every country of the world, which simply means a lot more chances for employment.